Have you ever had a goal (or 2, or 3…) that you never accomplished? Something you so badly wanted to do but for whatever reason you couldn’t complete?

Has it come up every now and again and you have thought…I SO wish I had done that?

Or have you been fearful of failure and given up on a goal part way thru? 

Many of you know me, many of you don’t. Many of you have been friends of mine for many years and some as of recent. I think one thing that most of you would say is a good way to describe me is “busy”.  My husband always says  “dust doesn’t settle on my wife”.

Yes, I am busy and always taking on a new challenge, project, mission, goal etc. Along my personal path there are some things I did not accomplish which have weighed on me; one for 11 years!  I never accomplished it and it has lurked deep down inside me and creeps out more often then I care to admit.

So it’s finally time to get true to myself and I feel that by sharing my most recent massive goals with my friends, fans, and fam, I will follow thru and conquer. I need to raise the bar for ME.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

I am a gym rat, fitness guru and have been for over 20 years (I am no spring chicken- but I feel like one!). I have trained 6 days a week and never taken more than a couple weeks off at a time after all these years. And that was because I had a baby and because I had a surgery.  I would say it’s an addiction to “me time”, sweat, health, and enhancing my body and those parts that seem to change with age. Ugh.

I have trained with amazing trainers, read every fitness book and health mag, I have trained friends, family and neighbors. I recreate and modify recipes to make healthy protein packed versions (some good and some not so good)  and I get completely excited about fitness, nutrition and cellular health.  This is part of the reason I launched CleanFit Mom.  I feel the need and am passionate to share, help, motivate and give a little gift of health from my heart and soul to your cells and abs!

I am not a large person. I wear a size 2. I am in good shape. But I want to be in better shape. I want to step it up and be in the best shape of my life!  I have always envied those models in fitness magazines- tight, ripped abs, toned everything and butts a-perk!  It’s time!  I am celebrating my 40th year and endless hours at the gym to sacrifice, hunker down and dedicate the next 18 weeks to training for a Bikini Fitness Competition.

I started to train for a fitness competition over 10 years ago and got injured and was in a non-supportive relationship so I tabled it….Since then, I have secretly wanted to bust this out so here I go!

Over the coming months, I am going to share my personal journey, but I won’t share my chicken and sweet potatoes or cheat day meals- I can promise you that. I will be training hard. Eating a very strict a regimented diet – 6 meals a day, all weighed, no fruit, dairy, or sugar.  The first 6 weeks will be off-season training and then things will get super serious come 12 weeks out from the big day.

Oh and I so have to be clear- the bikini category is very feminine and lean looking. I will not be a hulk looking, gross with massive mannish muscles. I am totally afraid of the sparkly bikini and clear heels but I will embrace them soon enough…lol…I hope

For any of my girls reading, don’t worry, I get cheat meals and can have some wine here and there – phew!

So that’s goal number 1.

Goal number 2.  I will be getting certified as a personal trainer (this has been on the “to-do” list for WAY too long!) and taking my business to a whole other level.  So all of you who have asked if I will train, motivate you or teach you, I will very soon and I cannot wait.  WAHOOOO!!!

I hope you all support me in my journey. Don’t judge, or flash jujubes or Bits N’ Bites in front of me,  just support me and I will be eternally grateful.

We can do anything. We can accomplish anything when the time is right and when our head is clear. I am clear and ready.



Here is a pic of my amazing trainer, Jill Bunny of Fit Bunnies.  I will be proud to be a fit bunny come October.


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