Do you have a have outfit that you feel super awesome in all the time? I am a fan of anything black, grey or white and I love to accessorize with an infinity scarf or a hot necklace. Being on the go from the gym, to the grocery store, to swim classes, to hitting up Target to meeting clients and business partners, I like to be comfy, feel like myself but also not be overdone. I wan to be able to get myself ready in under 30 minutes. Yup- shower, makeup, hair, dressed and gone!

I thought with Christmas less than a month away, it would be a good time to share some of my mommy favourites just incase you like them as well and you can add to you list!

1.  The infinity/tube scarf











2.  A sweet leather jacket is a must have!  Dress it up or wear it out with sweats and Uggs. (I adore the look below except I would have my toddler at my heels or on my hip)












3.  Tall riding boots in a neutral colour.  The ones below are Frye and on my wish list…dreamy gorgeousness.












4.  A big, cuddly, cozy card! The one below is called the Chrysalis Cardi – made my Encircled in Toronto – uber versatile (see how many ways you can wear it!)











5.  I am typically a lipgloss,  mascara, and bronzer kinda girl….my fave lip glosses are Sephora brand.  Yup.  nothing fancy. They are inexpensive, they are super creamy and not sticky, they don’t taste weird and the colour selection is amazing!










6.  And since hair is super important and a good blow-dry is key…my fave style spray before (and a even a little after) I dry is Sally Hershberger Shine Spray.  It isn’t greasy.  It smells fabulous and makes my hair shine without weighing it down!












Love sharing my faves…If I can make one mom a little comfier, faster in the bathroom or more confident when they step out the door, then my work is done!  Just because we are moms doesn’t mean we can be stylish, hot and hip!



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