SO I am not going to lie and just tell you that you will get a sweet 6-pack just by doing these exercises.  Abs come from lots of gym time and DIET!  You will have to put some time in, but I promise you it is fun and rewarding!

A few questions to ask yourself when thinking about your current day-to-day regime:

How many meals do I eat a day and how often?

Do I consume and crave sugar?

Do I eat a good protein with every meal?

Do I know what Omega 3’s are?

When was the last time I invested in a top of the line multi vitamin?

At the gym, do I just go like a mad women and focus on sweating and not being able to breathe by getting cardio and heart rate up?

Those are just a few things to think about. I will get to some more specifics in another article.  For now, lets get back to the rockin’ abs.

Here are my 4 fave ab busting moves:

1.  Plank












2.  Hanging straight leg raises











3.  Rope Crunches (and a little eye candy)










4.  Stability Ball Tuck + Pike










And lastly…This is my motivation (these abs are dreamy!)!  Guess I need to up the protein and drop the sugars!) Find your motivation and have fun!




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