Being the best Mom I can be.
Cheering on my talented Hubby.
Anything Apple.
Helping others ignite their health.
Freeweights + stairclimber.

Age Over 40 (but not by much).
Certified Personal Trainer.
Wellness Coach and Mentor.
Passionate Mom and Entrepreneur.
Bikini Athlete.

Everything you need is right here… With me!

I help super moms (and dads too!) achieve the goals they have put off for so long. Whether it is to eat better, start exercising, lose some weight, recreate their lifestyle, or step up their A game in the gym to train for a competition or to tone up and slim down for bikini season, I an there for you to help you feel AMAZING!

I want to help you reach your goals and along the way, guide you on how to feel better, have more energy and become the absolute best version of yourself so you are more rested, patient and in the moment with you and your famiily. I was the mom who swore I wouldn’t let having a baby let me stop taking care of myself. I have always been a gym rat, lover of quinoa, kale, and protein powder and a supplement junkie. Along with my family, whom I adore, these are the things that make me who I am and what inspire me to live healthy, alive and happy!

I work with people of all fitness levels. For those who have never stepped foot into a gym to those who are ready to bring on the ‘A game’ and take down their next challenge, I offer a range of diverse and personal services to suit your health and fitness needs.

Personal Training

Personalized programs that inspire and excel athletes of all abilities.
CleanFit Mom helps our refine the limits, one workout at a time.

30-Day Nutrition Program

Join one of my programs. A proven program that will not leave you hungry to give you the best results. Ready to transform the healthy way?

Become a CleanFit-Preneur

Passionate, driven and motivated about helping others? Sick of the corporate grin?
Are ready to start living a life you LOVE everyday? Hang with me, and I will teach you how!

Facts about me

  • I grew up in Ontario.
  • Headed West for 13 years.
  • Was a successful sales and marketing professional.
  • Had a baby boy named Chase.
  • I have always been into fitness and nutrition, now I get to share all I know with you

Are you ready to ROCK YOUR HEALTH and be


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