My amazing cousin Sabrina told me well over a year ago that after she had her baby boy and was off on mat leave, she was going to get back into shape!  Now that her boy is 6 months old, she is SET to rock her health and to feel amazing.  I am really looking forward to helping her.  We have some work to do.  Sab is quite a busy body and always on the go, but like many of us, her weakness is munchies and those extra snackies we find in the middle aisles of our supermarkets.

For 90 days, Sabrina will be detoxing, eating a low glycemic diet, taking top rated supplements and exercising.  Her metabolism is going to kick into high gear and her body will be getting major nourishment and health love!

Week 1

Sabrina started at a weight of 193.4 lbs.  Her goal is to lose 40-50 lbs during this 90 challenge. I am so excited to help her reach a challenging and rewarding health goal.  Her focus during the first 5 days of the program is to release toxins, get rid of nasty carb cravings, amp up her energy and boost her body with meal replacement shakes (all natural!  Top rated!), high fibre and protein packed snack bars, and a serving of fruit and veggies!

sharma-obesity-pedometer2Her exercise plan during this phase was to challenge herself to walk 10,000 steps a day using her pedometer. The weather was a little up and down but she managed to get all of her steps in!

With detoxes, the first couple days can be really tough as we eliminate processed foods, sugars and caffeine.

Sabby Day 4

” Doing alright. Had some headaches for the first 2 days, but today nothing( for now) I found the first couple of days a little hard, but think I’m getting the hang of this. I think its the snacking at night that I miss the most. “

I check in with Sabrina on Saturday AM after her being on the program a full 5 days.

“Just jumped on the scale and I’m weighing in @ 186.0 even. Whooo hooo( I did it 5 times cuz I didn’t believe it)” 

She is down 7.4 lbs! Yahoo!

This week she will be incorporating a clean dinner, meal replacements shakes and balanced fibre, protein packed

snacks as she continues to transform.  Her workouts will also be 10,000 steps a day PLUS some weight training and fat burning exercises.


I want to be clear, this isn’t a “diet” it is a lifestyle change.  A new way of looking at food, exercise and health. Diets do not work.  We have to change our habits, our thinking and embrace change.  That is when results will happen.  It isn’t easy, but I tell ya, it sure is rewarding and you will be left with a revved up metabolism that burns fat and gives you endless energy when you eat and exercise properly.

Can’t wait to hear how she feels about this week and what the scale has to say on Saturday!



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